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BlueSphere Environmental was formed to provide professional environmental and resource management consulting services to both the private and government market sectors. Our teams in Victoria and South Australia lead, or forms part of other teams, to deliver complex environmental, regulatory, political and social projects on time and within budget. On such projects we not only deliver a high quality technical outcome but a tailored and balanced solution to meet our clients' challenges.

BlueSphere was formed around our collectively agreed values of honesty, integrity, teamwork, excellence, creativity and delivery.

We look forward to being part of your team.

NEW: BlueSphere Environmental is pleased to announce new team members to both our Adelaide and Melbourne Offices

  • Larissa Willoughby joins our expanding Adelaide office as Principal Environmental Engineer and Office Manager
  • Michael Seignior joins our Melbourne office as a Senior Principal Environmental Scientist
  • Daniel Hirth joins our Melbourne office as a Principal Environmental Scientist